The Beach Rehab is located on the Gulf of Thailand, 20 metres from the beach and adjacent to a national park. Blessed with a tranquil and scenic setting, The Beach is a boutique, 12-bed rehab offering a highly personalized ‘get away from it all’ experience where clients leave behind their daily stresses and temptations to focus completely on their recovery.

We understand that this might be your one chance at residential rehab treatment, and we are 100% committed to ensuring it works. Our all-encompassing program leaves nothing to chance and no stone unturned in our quest to help you achieve lifelong recovery.

Keeping our client numbers so low – a maximum of 12 at any time – and our staff-to-client ratio high, allows us to offer a customized program that can be molded to fit you as a unique individual.

Years of top-level rehab experience have taught our addiction experts that personalized treatment can’t be delivered when client numbers are much higher. Despite claims to the contrary, it simply isn’t achievable to deliver a truly client-focused program with higher numbers.

At The Beach, we offer:

A unique treatment program – Our pioneering treatment program operates using a client-centered approach that incorporates the most reputable evidence-based treatment models alongside new and exciting developments in addiction treatment. You will have your own personal counselor throughout treatment and we will work with you to develop a program that gives you the best possible chance of thriving while you enjoy your clean and sober life.

Unmatched expertise – The Beach founder is also the founder of a global player in addiction treatment, The Cabin Addiction Services Group, which has centers in five countries. This has enabled him to recruit the most highly qualified and experienced addiction professionals in the industry. Our multi-national team is small, hard-working, and absolutely dedicated to our clients’ recovery.

Exceptional location by the beach – As the only beachside rehab in Asia, our small, beautiful resort offers the serenity of beach living on one of Thailand’s world-famous beaches, with the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Thailand lapping at the shore a few footsteps from our front door.

The Beach Thailand benefits

Cutting edge Nutraceutical therapy – Nutraceuticals are products that are used for both nutrition and medicine. During detox and early recovery, they are especially valuable in stimulating biochemical recovery to restore balance in brain chemistry. The imbalances that drug and alcohol addiction inflict on the brain cause a cascade of side effects, some more apparent than others.

The Beach is the only rehab outside of the United States that harnesses the power of Nutraceutical supplements to counteract these side effects and help decrease cravings, improve mood, reduce anxiety, and enhance cognitive function. The Dopamine Diet combined with Nutraceuticals give our clients a unique opportunity to heal the brain and body at a cellular level.

Thai food dopamine diet

Highly specialized diet and nutrition – We offer the Dopamine Diet to accelerate the brain’s recovery from the dopamine deficiency that often triggers a relapse in addicts who have recently stopped using. Production of the brain’s natural ‘feel good’ chemical drops during substance abuse, leaving addicts who are newly clean craving the artificial boost that their addictive behavior or substance used to give them.

A diet based entirely on healthy, nutritious, and delicious foods that kick start dopamine production gives our clients a critical edge in the detoxification process and in managing cravings. No other rehab in Asia offers the Dopamine Diet.

Daily beach activities – From an early morning mindfulness walk along the beach to collect sea shells, beachside yoga at sunrise, cycling on the shoreline track, or kayaking on the still waters before breakfast, The Beach program embraces the uniquely calming properties of the sea to help our clients develop the inner serenity to guide them in both early and long-term recovery.

Sea and land-based excursions – Our weekly excursions make the most of our location on the Gulf of Thailand and proximity to numerous national parks in this stunning part of the country. We offer sea excursions including kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), fishing, island-hopping, kitesurfing and wakeboarding, as well as national park safaris to view wild elephants, hiking, food tours, cooking classes, and visits to an eco-center.

Mindfulness and meditation – Four times per week we take a quiet stroll to a nearby Buddhist temple for meditation and mindfulness instruction from monks. One of the core components of The Beach program is mindfulness and meditation, which involves learning to quiet our busy minds and concentrate on the present moment.

Research has consistently shown that mindfulness practices are a very effective part of addiction treatment that allow recovering addicts to deal with cravings and triggers and minimize the chance of relapse.

Buddhist figurine

Fitness therapy – Fitness therapy has multiple benefits to those in recovery and our fitness professionals will design a program to suit your current fitness level and aspirations. Regular exercise helps lift mood and decreases pain sensitivity through the release of endorphins in the brain, as well as increasing energy and confidence by resulting in a fitter, stronger body and mind. Options at The Beach Rehab include beach walking, Thai boxing, yoga, kayaking, cycling, running, and weight training.

Affordable fees – The Beach offers a unique, intensive, and innovative program unlike anything else available in Asia. And, as part of our commitment to client-centered care, our fees offer exceptional value for money. You simply won’t find comparable quality treatment at this cost anywhere else in the world.

About The Beach Rehab

Private pool-view rooms – We want you to feel at home during your stay at The Beach Rehab and to experience the hospitality for which Thailand is renowned. All rooms are private and come with attached bathroom with raindrop shower. Rooms also have air-conditioning, a personal fridge, fan, hair dryer, and all have a pool or sea view. Daily housekeeping, laundry, and unlimited complimentary drinking water are provided.

Onsite medical care and detox – On arrival, all clients are given a medical check-up by our doctor. If required, the doctor will draw up a detox plan and discuss it with you. He can also provide medication to minimize any discomfort or anxiety. Medical staff are on-call 24 hours per day.

Aftercare – The Beach is committed to your long-term recovery and all clients will be offered online or face-to-face aftercare support from our global partners. In addition, we are proud to offer the world’s most innovative aftercare solution for addiction.

Using biometric-enabled remote monitoring, and a rewards-based system to incentivize staying sober, our clients have a significantly higher-than-average likelihood of achieving long-term recovery. Studies show that clients who enter a monitoring program have a 50% higher success rate than those who don’t engage after treatment.

Airport pick-up – One of our staff will meet you on arrival and transport you in a private vehicle to The Beach Rehab, so you can relax and know you will be in safe hands from the moment you arrive in Thailand.

The admission process for The Beach is fast and straightforward. Call or email now for a no-obligation chat with one of our friendly admissions specialists about treatment options for you or your loved one. We are happy to provide advice on flights, medication, visa etc.