The Beach Rehab is 100% committed to your recovery. We go the extra mile to help ensure your treatment works and this includes offering a pioneering, holistic program that is not available anywhere else in the world.


The Dopamine Diet in Addiction Treatment

Most addicts have low levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. This can be partly genetic but the repeated, unnatural, stimulation of dopamine production through substance abuse leads to disruption in the brain’s ability to produce dopamine in the usual way. Over time, this leads to lower and lower levels of dopamine in circulation.

When a person enters addiction treatment and has stopped their active addiction the brain is in a dopamine slump. This often leads to feelings of depression, low motivation, mood swings and strong drug cravings. Dopamine depletion is a very high-risk factor for relapse as addicts crave the substance that was unnaturally sustaining their dopamine levels.

Elevating dopamine levels through the Dopamine Diet will reduce cravings and the risk of relapse as natural dopamine levels are restored in the brain. A low glycemic/dopamine boosting diet is a healthy, scientifically proven way to increase this essential neurotransmitter while helping rid the body of the toxins which accumulated during drug or alcohol abuse.

The Dopamine Diet shuns unhealthy, nutritionally-poor foods such as white flour and sugars in favor of high protein, vitamin-packed ingredients. Typically, the diet will include:

  • Lean, organic meat and poultry
  • Plenty of vegetables
  • Most fruits
  • Dairy products including cheese and yoghurt
  • Wild-caught fish
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Tofu
  • Whole wheat foods such a breads and pastas
  • Whole grains including spelt, quinoa, farro, buckwheat and barley
dopamine boosting meal

The diet keeps sugar levels consistent and avoids the sugar spikes and troughs that adversely affect energy levels and mood. As well as being beneficial to brain repair, the Dopamine Diet also improves overall health. In early recovery, it is common for addictive behavior to be transferred towards food with addicts overeating and craving unhealthful foods. Research suggests about 65% of addicts gain weight in early recovery, with 20% going on to be classed as ‘obese’.

The Dopamine Diet quickly regulates eating patterns and, with restored dopamine function, a recovering addict is a lot less likely to be drawn towards high sugar and high carbohydrate foods that cause weight gain.


Nutraceutical Therapy to Aid Recovery

Cutting-edge neuroscience research underpins The Beach’s innovative program to harness the power of Nutraceuticals, supplements that are used for both medicine and nutrition, to heal your brain at a cellular level.

We are the only rehab outside of the USA offering the Nutraceuticals to improve your chance of successful recovery. Drug and alcohol abuse cause a range of negative consequences for the brain. The resulting chemical imbalances can exacerbate drug cravings, impair cognitive function, and cause anxiety and depression.

By promoting biochemical recovery within the brain, Nutraceuticals, help restore balance and reduce or reverse the often debilitating side effects of chronic substance abuse. As your brain heals, you will be better able to deal with the challenges of early recovery and less likely to give into cravings and relapse.

The Beach has carefully chosen a small selection of the most effective Nutraceuticals for use in addiction treatment. The Dopamine Diet, working together with this selection of Nutraceuticals, offer you an opportunity for deep brain healing that enhances your chances of successful recovery.


Outdoor Therapy

“Neuroscientists and psychologists add that the ocean and wild waterways are a wellspring of happiness and relaxation….and help manage trauma, anxiety, sleep, autism, addiction, fitness, attention/focus, stress, grief, PTSD, build personal resilience, and much more.” – Dr Wallace J Nichols, The Blue Mind

Studies show that humans react positively to being in nature, particularly being by water. An exercise program which incorporates the beach, sea and forests, like the program at The Beach, allows the brain to slow down and absorb the psychological benefits of being in nature while enjoying the physical benefits of being active.

During outdoor exercise, the brain releases endorphins which reduce pain and enhance a sense of wellbeing. Outdoor exercise therapy is proven to decrease anxiety and blood pressure and lift mood.

Exercise options at The Beach include:

  • Beach walks
  • Kayaking
  • Beachside yoga
  • Shoreline cycling
  • Swimming in the sea or pool
  • Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP)
  • Hiking in pristine national parks
  • Jungle runs
  • Open air muay Thai (Thai boxing)
  • Personal training in the gym
stand-up paddle boarding

During active addiction many people neglect their health and don’t exercise regularly. The Beach Outdoor Therapy program encourages clients to make the most of our beautiful location by being active every day.

Even gentle exercise will start to build up fitness if you have been sedentary before coming to treatment. Our experts will provide you with a personal fitness plan and work with you, at your own pace, to improve your fitness and reach the goals you have set.

Exercise during recovery helps build strength, improving overall fitness and imparts a sense of achievement as you see yourself get fitter with each passing week. It also improves cognitive function and memory in direct and indirect ways.

Directly, exercise helps reduce insulin resistance, reduce inflammation and stimulate the release of growth chemicals in the brain that affect the health of the brain’s cells and blood vessels. It even boosts the abundance and survival of new brain cells.

In an indirect way, exercise lifts mood, improves sleep and reduces anxiety and stress. Often, problems in these areas cause cognitive impairment.

In combination with our nutritious Dopamine Diet and Nutraceuticals supplements, The Beach’s Outdoor Therapy program will give you the opportunity to leave treatment confident about a future in recovery and feeling physically and psychologically fitter and healthier than you have in years.