Our treatment method, CBT-Steps™ is brought to you by the same management team that founded and developed the treatment system at The Cabin Chiang Mai. CBT-Steps™ is a three-phase treatment system that utilizes CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Mindfulness meditation, and principles contained in various recovery oriented mutual aid groups like SMART recovery and 12-Step programs.

Treatment Phase 1

In the first phase of treatment clients learn the basic neuroscience of addiction – how certain brain regions are affected by addictive behavior. Clients create ‘mind-maps’ to present to their counsellor and the rest of the group, which detail their own personal story of addiction.


Treatment Phase 2

In the second phase of treatment, clients use CBT techniques to increase their understanding of healthy personal boundaries and distorted thinking which commonly leads back to addiction.


Treatment Phase 3

In the third phase of treatment clients explore the concept of ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) in the causation of addiction. Relational and developmental trauma is strongly correlated with the onset of addiction in adulthood. Research shows that these issues (as well as traumatic experiences in adulthood) should be treated simultaneously with addictive issues, rather than being ‘postponed.’

Our Approach to Recovery

At The Beach Rehab we apply a number of modalities to treat comorbid addiction/trauma issues, and believe strongly in the concept of ‘post-traumatic growth’. Post traumatic growth is a robust and positive way of viewing traumatic experiences, whereby adverse experiences are understood as precursors to true strength and wisdom.

Most of our trauma work is done via somatic experiencing and bodywork. Embodiment practices are just as important as talk therapy and teach us to become more aware of our intuitions, emotions, and underlying psychological states via the medium of the body.

The Beach program uses a number of body-based modalities including; mindfulness meditation (with instruction from Thai monks); yoga; TRE (Trauma Release Exercises, a ground-breaking approach to trauma processing based on nervous system response); therapeutic techniques such as role play and drama therapy; and demanding physical activities such as Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing), sea-kayaking, and kite-surfing – all of which is done in manageable steps and under the watchful eye of trained instructors.

By combining talk therapy and body-based therapies, we are able to treat addiction from the ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ simultaneously, thereby providing you with a truly holistic treatment experience that is both enlivening and sustainable as you proceed along your personal recovery path.

Weekly Schedule

Addiction Treatment Weekly Schedule