Some clients may undergo difficulty when traveling alone to rehab. They may endure physical symptoms along their journey like cravings, withdrawals, slips and falls, or panic attacks. They may also struggle with emotional burdens such as anxiety or fear and require additional support to ensure that the addiction itself doesn’t lead them away from safety and sobriety, yet again.

While The Beach Rehab is easily accessible via a major international airport and there will always be a staff member waiting directly at the arrival gate for all incoming clients, the possible stresses of international travel and long flight times create challenges that are beyond our control.

In some cases, it might be appropriate and possible for a parent or loved one to accompany a client to treatment, but in many other cases the client would be best assisted and transported to and from rehab by an experienced professional.

At The Beach, we have hand-picked a team of seasoned professionals who can safely and compassionately facilitate a client’s journey to rehab. These individuals are all former Australian Federal Police Officers (20+ years experience) trained in all aspects of domestic and international travel and transportation. Most importantly, they have an understanding and empathy for the client and are able to provide continual reassurance during the journey to rehab as a result of their supplementary clinical training relative to addictions and mental health issues.

The Beach’s Travel Support Team are committed to and passionate about creating and maintaining relationships with clients during travel and their recovery.

How it works

Should you choose to utilize The Beach’s Travel Support Team, prior to travel they will receive a thorough briefing from our clinical staff. During the journey they will continually conduct risk assessments while remaining flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances and will of course, always role model as a sober companion. They will accompany the client door-to-door and if necessary, can also facilitate a return journey at the conclusion of residential treatment.

Our Travel Support Team:

  • are qualified in first-aid can effectively respond in critical or emergency situations
  • possess high-level liaison skills and experience communicating with airline staff, police, customs, immigration and all levels of bureaucracy
  • have extensive backgrounds in close personal protection, emergency procedures, Motivational Interviewing, and de-escalation techniques
  • have cultural awareness experience and training in Southeast Asian and Pacific countries with an emphasis on cultural sensitivity
  • are knowledgable and experienced in the handling and protection of private and personal information and maintain absolute discretion

A Step Further: The Beach Rehab Intervention Services

If a case is determined to be of a critical nature then we can also dispatch a Senior Clinician from The Beach Rehab to aid in the transportation process or facilitate an intervention.

An intervention is essentially a coordinated effort by a qualified addictions professional, the client, and often family members and loved ones. Interventions are often necessary when the addiction has spiraled completely out of control, when the client is exceptionally resistant to treatment, or when the family system has been greatly damaged by the impacts of addiction.

Interventions are incredibly helpful in starting the recovery process off in a organized and informed manner. An interventionist is there to educate the family and the client on addiction to ensure that everyone is on the same page as they move into and through the treatment and recovery process.