The Beach offers a comprehensive and pioneering addiction and dual diagnosis treatment program that addresses the mental, physical, and emotional roots of your addiction and works to guide you onto a path of lifelong recovery. There is no other program quite like it anywhere in the world, but we still strive to keep our fees as affordable as possible so we can help as many people as possible.

We leave no stone unturned in our mission to offer you the best possible start in your recovery from addiction. To make our innovative solutions accessible, we keep costs low. Treatment at The Beach is around ⅓ to ¼ of similar centers in the West.


For an informal chat about treatment options, costs, and how our program can help you or a loved one please contact us on:

Direct Call:

Thailand: +66 617 900 404

WhatsApp: +66 617 900 404

Local Numbers:

United Kingdom: 020 8099 5425

US & Canada: 1 323 999 6108