Will I have a private room?

Yes. All our guest rooms are private with ensuite bathroom.


Can I smoke?

Yes. We have a designated smoking area in the center. Smoking in rooms is not permitted.


Can I keep my phone/tablet/laptop?

To allow you to focus on your treatment and get maximum benefits from your time at The Beach, we restrict phone and internet to minimize distractions. You can keep your tablet and laptop and use them inside your room. SIM cards will be removed as necessary. There is wifi access in the evenings. Mobile phones are kept in our safe and you will have access to them on Saturday afternoon. In special circumstances, phones can be used at other times, with approval by the Clinical team.


Are flights included?

To keep our fees low and fair for everybody, we do not include the cost of flights to Thailand. Our admissions team is happy to advise you on travel to Thailand.


Will you pick me up from the airport?

Yes. You will be greeted at the airport by a uniformed member of staff who will introduce themselves by name. You can then relax as you are transported to The Beach by private vehicle.


Do I need a visa?

Many nationalities get a free 30-day visa exemption on arrival. This can be extended for a further 30 days once you are in Thailand. Others are eligible to apply for a visa on arrival or prior to leaving your home country. Our admissions team can advise you on visas and you can also contact the Thai Embassy in your country of residence prior to arrival.


Should I buy travel insurance?

Yes. We strongly advise you to buy travel insurance before coming to Thailand.


I’m not very fit, do I have to take part in the outdoor activities?

Outdoor and Fitness Therapy is an important element of the program since being active has many benefits including: mood elevation, increased energy levels, and further motivation towards the pursuit a healthy, sober lifestyle. Our activities and excursions cater to all fitness levels and your personal fitness program will reflect your current fitness and your goals. We also take into consideration any mobility issues or injuries that you may have.


Will you tell anybody that I’m in treatment?

No. Your privacy is very important to us at The Beach. Our services are confidential, and we will only discuss your treatment with your written permission if you choose to involve your family or doctor.


What’s included in the fee? Do I need spending money?

The treatment fee covers everything you need whilst in treatment but you should bring some money for personal expenses.


Included in the fee:

  • All counseling and therapeutic activities including personal training, yoga, outdoor activities, meditation instruction, therapeutic massage.
  • Accommodation
  • Dopamine Diet – breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, soft drinks
  • Nutraceutical supplements for brain healing
  • Airport pick up
  • Weekly excursions


Not included in the fee:

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Prescription medication
  • Personal expenses – cigarettes, souvenirs, snacks etc


Can my family visit me in at The Beach?

Studies show that family involvement in treatment improves recovery rates so we actively encourage your loved ones to be part of the process. We run a Family Program which they can attend to learn about addiction and how best to support you after treatment.

Outside of the Family Program, clients can receive visitors if their counselor gives approval. In general, however, it’s best to minimize visits so you can concentrate on your treatment.