Like any addiction, alcoholism or addiction to alcohol, is progressive and normally starts with social drinking or binge drinking, eventually evolving into alcoholism.

Someone struggling with alcoholism might experience an inability to consistently abstain from drinking, impaired behavioral control, decay of personal relationships, inability to maintain employment or follow through with obligations, and cravings for alcohol. In addition, alcoholics usually have a diminished recognition of problems with behavior and relationships, and experience cycles of relapse and remission that incorrectly lead them to believe that it is all ‘under control.’

Before seeking treatment, alcoholics often make several attempts to stop or control their drinking, some even successful for a short period of time. Unfortunately, as someone addicted to alcohol, these attempts to stop will continue to fail time and time again without professional intervention and the implementation of a long-term recovery program.

Alcohol Detox

It is imperative that any detox from alcohol is carried out under medical supervision. Clients at The Beach Rehab can be reassured that during the detox process our client’s comfort and welfare is absolutely paramount.


Our in-house alcohol detox includes the following:

  • Full medical assessment by our medical detox specialist
  • Detox plan and detox medication
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Daily monitoring from doctor and nursing team


Alcohol detox is not sufficient on its own and is only of benefit when combined with a comprehensive psychological treatment program and multi-modal therapeutic approach.

How we treat alcohol addiction

In addiction to alcohol detox, our treatment program aims to address and treat alcoholism as a symptom of deeper issues. Through various means of therapy we look to address the root cause of addiction and help our clients change their lives for the better and often in ways never before imagine. A thorough understanding of the negative consequences of alcohol on their lives and those around them and a willingness to change provides the foundation for successful recovery.

Our individualized approach aims at changing the person as a whole, propelling them to become the most fulfilled, successful, and happiest version of themselves possible. Our experienced team offer the much needed support and believe that the fundamental aim is not just to stop drinking or even recover from addiction, but to instil hope and help our clients transform their lives and realize a brighter future awaits them.