We understand that residential treatment is just the beginning of your recovery journey. We also know that engaging with high quality aftercare including remote monitoring greatly increases your chances of staying clean and sober. Inspired by research proving much higher success rates for clients engaged in post-treatment monitoring, The Beach has pioneered a rewards-based Aftercare Monitoring Program that is one of its kind in the world.

Stay in Recovery, Reap the Rewards

In keeping with our ‘no stone left unturned’ quest to offer you the best possible chance of lifelong recovery, The Beach Rehab Thailand is proud to offer our aftercare clients an innovative post-treatment monitoring and reward scheme.

Research shows that clients who engage in monitoring after treatment have a 50-70% higher chance of maintaining long-term recovery than those who don’t. Using small, professional grade breathalyzers, clients can breath test themselves twice a day, with the results immediately being transmitted to chosen accountability partners – these can include family, friends and medical personnel – and our web portal. The results are monitored, and financial rewards are earned by staying sober. This is the only program in the world where you can recoup some of the costs of your rehab treatment by staying sober.

This ground-breaking scheme gives our clients the crucial extra support to maintain their recovery and is particularly valuable during the initial months after treatment when the chance of relapse is highest. The monitoring tests for alcohol, but benefits both alcohol and drug addiction clients since alcohol use is a major contributory factor for relapse in drug addicts and our program promotes abstinence from alcohol for all addicts, even when alcohol was not their primary addiction.

The breathalyzer itself is a compact, discreet device which is simple to use and easy to carry around. It has WiFi connectivity and uses state-of-the-art technology for facial recognition and tamper detection.

We firmly believe – and research confirms – that you will be much more likely to stay clean and sober long-term if you engage in our premier Aftercare Monitoring Program.

Face to Face or Online Counseling

The Beach has a wide network of partners around the world and we can introduce you to skilled and experienced therapists in your area. With your permission, we can pass on an end of treatment report to your local counselor to ensure a seamless transition from residential treatment. For your convenience, we can also connect you with a skilled online counselor if that is your preference.


Why we do not offer online group counseling

Many rehabs pay little attention to aftercare, with just the offer of weekly online group counseling to clients who have left treatment. Through many years of experience in other rehabs in Thailand and around the world, our senior counselors have seen that participation in online group aftercare is low, and it is mostly ineffective.

At The Beach, we believe our ground-breaking approach to aftercare encourages engagement and inspires our clients to stay clean and sober long-term.