Simple Steps to Sobriety

The admission process for coming into treatment at The Beach is streamlined and straightforward. As well as advising you on treatment, we provide information on flights, visas, and anything else you may need to make your preparations as stress-free as possible.


1. Initial inquiry – when you call or email The Beach, you will first be in contact with our friendly admissions team. They will speak to you on the phone, answer all your questions, and guide you through your treatment options. You are welcome to call or email at any time for further guidance after this initial conversation.


2. Telephone assessment – a Senior Counselor will call you at a pre-arranged time to get more details about your substance abuse, medical, and personal history. This call is confidential. The counselor will be able to answer any detailed clinical questions you may have. The information you provide prepares us for your arrival so we can be primed and ready to help you from the moment you walk through the doors of The Beach.


3. Deposit and Travel Arrangements – we will send you an invoice with our bank details, and once you’ve paid the deposit by bank transfer, we will work with you to arrange flights.


4. Arrival in Thailand – you will be greeted shortly after disembarking the aircraft by a VIP fast track and limousine service. They will identify you with a name board and the recent photo you have provided. Rest assured they will maintain the utmost respect for your confidentiality whilst in all public spaces.

Once connected, you will be accompanied to baggage claim, fast tracked through customs and taken to the private car. You will then be able to relax as the taxi service transports you to The Beach.


5. Arrival at The Beach – you will have a thorough check-up with our doctor and will then go through the intake procedure which includes receiving your personal treatment schedule and touring our center.


6. Treatment – as soon as it deemed appropriate by our medical team, you will begin your treatment, including group counseling and one-to-one sessions with your personal therapist, as well as all other elements of the program.


7. Aftercare – towards the end of treatment you will work with your counselor to write an aftercare plan. You will be invited to join our pioneering rewards-based Aftercare Monitoring Program, where you can begin to recoup the cost of your treatment at The Beach simply by staying sober. Research shows that engaging in a monitoring program increases your chances of maintaining recovery by at least 50%. The Beach is currently the only rehab in the world offering you financial rewards to stay sober.