Cutting-edge neuroscience research underpins The Beach’s innovative program to harness the power of Nutraceuticals – supplements that are used for both medicine and nutrition, to heal your brain at a cellular level. We are the only rehab outside of the United States offering Nutraceutical Therapy to improve your chance of successful recovery.

Drug and alcohol abuse cause a range of negative effects on the brain. The resulting chemical imbalances can exacerbate drug cravings, impair cognitive function, and cause anxiety and depression.

By promoting biochemical recovery within the brain, Nutraceuticals help to restore balance and reduce or reverse the often debilitating side effects of chronic substance abuse. As your brain heals, you will be better able to deal with the challenges of early recovery and less likely to give into cravings and relapse.

The Beach Rehab Thailand has carefully chosen a small selection of the most effective Nutraceuticals for use in our addiction treatment program. Paired with The Dopamine Diet, this selection of Nutraceuticals will offer you an opportunity for deep brain healing and significantly enhances your chances of successful recovery.


Our proprietary blend of Nutraceuticals has been proven to:


  • Reduce cravings for cocaine and gambling
  • Regulate and normalize levels of neurotransmitters
  • Resolve compulsive behaviors
  • Increase the number of dopamine receptors in the brain
  • Enhance the synthesis of dopamine
  • Increase the production of GABA and dopamine in the brain
  • Reduce alcohol cravings
  • Reduce the pain and length of methadone withdrawal
nutraceutical therapy
Nutraceutic is a term derived from “nutrition” and “pharmaceutics.”