Upon entering addiction treatment for drugs or alcohol, it is common for people to experience withdrawal – intense cravings or other physical symptoms – for the first several days. These symptoms can range from feeling sick to your stomach or dizzy, experiencing changes in blood pressure, shaking, sweating, or fever. It is also very common to experience mood fluctuations, increased anxiety, or insomnia.

Withdrawal is a natural part of the treatment and recovery process and will range in severity depending on the person’s drug(s) of choice, length of use, level of health, age, and other factors.

The exact length of detox will depend on someones individual circumstances, but generally speaking, the acute detox should be complete within 7-10 days. After this initial period, the person may continue to experience some physical or mood-related symptoms, but to a much lesser degree, and will be able to engage in psychotherapy and other therapeutic modalities to effectively address these symptoms.

Detox at The Beach Rehab Thailand

A detox from drugs or alcohol does not have to be an arduous process, however, it is important to detox under the observation of medical professionals who can customize and regularly monitor your detox.

When you arrive at The Beach Rehab Thailand, you will receive a thorough medical exam by our doctor. If a formal detox is required, our medical team will provide you with an individualized detox regime that leaves you with minimal inconvenience or discomfort. Medical staff are onsite and available 24×7 to support you through the detox process.

The ultimate goal of an effective detox is to enable you to engage in our comprehensive treatment program as quickly and completely as possible so that you can fully focus on your recovery.

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